Sewing Level

Level Zero

You have never touched a machine and possibly never a needle. Taking our Sew 101 class will get you to the beginner level in 3 hours (:

Level 1 Beginner

You have definitely used a sewing machine but need a refresher on threading the machine. Perhaps the last time you sewed was in junior high home ec class . You may have some finished projects but could probably use more practice. You’re not certain about that tension dial-y thing…

You have taken Sewing 101 or equivalent.

Level 2 Competent

You can sew straight and curved seams while keeping a consistent seam allowance. You can thread your own machine, wind a bobbin, and trouble shoot tension issues (with guidance). You have a basic understanding of different fabric types and have several projects under your belt.

You have taken our 1950s Circle Skirt, Overlock 101, and/or Sewing 102.

Level 3 Advanced Beginner

You have been sewing for a while and you are comfortable sewing with patterns. You know the difference between knits and wovens and how to work with interfacing, binding, and various notions. Experienced using different presser feet, installing zippers, cutting fabric you are. Perhaps you have used a serger or a cover-stitch machine, and if not, you cannot wait to learn! You walk confidently into one of our garment making classes and not feel too overwhelmed. Next up, getting your projects to look more consistent and professional!

You have taken our Sewing 202, Overlocking 101, and/or equivalent.

Level 4 Intermediate

You absolutely love sewing your own wardrobe and sometimes, you even tailor the pattern to you! You still read the instructions thoroughly and have successfully attempted tricky sewing maneuvers like plackets or lapels. Definitely still striving to learn more about perfecting a really great fit, tackling fine finishes, and making your garments look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

You have taken our Sew 203 Introduction to Jackets

Level 5 Proficient

Can we say, obsessed with sewing! You don’t break a sweat when sewing up baby sized garments with lots of small pattern pieces. Instructions? You don’t even need the step-by-step no longer. You rely on a solid sewing basis and have enough experience to resolve problems by yourself. A great challenge is always welcomed, but sometimes you just like a nice pattern that you can elaborate on.

You have taken our Pattern Cutting Design Fundamentals

Level 6 Advanced

You are addicted! You shop just to snap photos of things you want to make or improve upon in fabric of your dreams. You sew with focus, but you do so more quickly and consistently than when you started. You are fascinating with accquiring special techniques, making tailored garments, or working with tricky fabrics. You’ve even started making your own patterns or heavily altering and combining elements from other patterns. You will always accept the quest, but sometimes a nice pattern that you can elaborate upon is satisfactory.

You have taken our Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Level 7 Expert

Spending unlimited hours in a whimisical fabric & habadashery shop is absolute bliss. You’re probably making your own patterns and will confidently tackle tricky projects like a tailored jacket and trousers. Whilst you are largely unguided, we still hope to provide you with inspiration and access to patterns you keep coming back to because they make for a versatile wardrobe, some of which you can pump out within an hour or two.

Level Master

You are a sewing wizard and we want to learn from you!

Please Note :

While the skill level expectation is similar for our younger kids and tweens, we want to make sure the projects and patterns used at the intermediate level are age (and size) appropriate before they begin. Feel free to contact us regarding age and skill level.