Our Team

The House of Sew is a studio of hard-working, collaborative, creative, dog-friendly & human-friendly professionals. We are thankful, love nurturing talent, and take celebrating birthdays and special occasions very seriously. Aside from fashion, sewing and sustainability, some of our shared interests include shrieking over cute things, music, art, and dance parties.

Beverly is a multi-disciplinary artist who is well versed in the world of fashion and sewing. Since graduating in 2010 from the fashion design program at Istituto Marangoni, she has launched her namesake label, Beverly Gan and has experiences in different departments of fashion. Outside of The House of Sew, Beverly loves consulting and working on creative projects for advertising, theatre, and film.

She is most passionate about minimalism, sustainable living, and our planet earth.

While the bottom line is important, she is also passionate about making opportunities happen by leveraging her extensive network and introducing the right people. She helps turn ideas into action.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who also holds a Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree, she loves to analyze data, cash flow and forecasting. She is a big picture thinker who can simplify information and capture what investors need to hear.

“I have the mindset and spirit of an entrepreneur. My drive and determination – along with my education and international experience – helps me to bridge connections between investors and companies who are looking to grow.”

Ange have always shared a passion for creativity, at a young age she decided to pursue a career in fashion, starting with making sure her Barbie’s were the most fashionable on the block. Teaching herself how to sew as teenager, eventually lead her to getting a job at her local dry cleaners. There she learned many skills in alterations.

She encourages people to alter and recycle their clothing and genuinely loves helping people build those skills! One of Ange’s biggest inspirations is the History of Fashion which she had the opportunity to teach at MC college.

Brenda learned sewing skills in elementary years. At age 5 she was taught how to knit and macrame. Her early years were passionately spent sewing, beading and knitting and creating. 

Bear making became her passion in the early 90’s. She was taught traditional bear making through a company in Salmon Arm, BC. She created costumes for Hug – A – Bear express in Southgate mall and sold her own bears at Treasure Barrel just off Whyte Ave.

Brenda holds certificates in early learning and Trauma informed teaching thru Red Deer College.

Graduating from MC college with a diploma in Fashion Design and Apparel Production in 2008, Gabriela first interned with local designer Alisha Schick for Suka Designs before starting her clothing line, CRUZ. She continues to take on contract work with local designers and clothing boutiques. When not creating, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, going out to different shows and events happening in Edmonton and is always listening to music as it is one of the main inspirations for her designs.

“Apparel and production is my passion and I am eager and humble to be able to share my skills and knowledge with others.”

Courtney is a passionate product designer who enjoys exploring ethical and sustainable options. She taught Textiles and Fashion Creation at the college level previously and loves sharing her knowledge and watching students gain confidence in their skills.

She designs and crafts unique kids accessories in small batches for her company The Cross Fox.

Working as the head of the fashion department at MC College, Alisha has remained an active and an influential component to the growth of the fashion industry in Edmonton. Her teaching experiences allow her to mentor and build community with her students and peers who share her passion.

Her brand, Suka Clothing is a lifestyle brand with a strong understanding for music, subcultures, and high fashion. Focused on comfort, detail orientated design, and wearability, Suka collections are bold, street inspired looks, balanced with feminine silhouettes and simplicity.