Overlock 101

Overlock 101

Wanting to work with stretchy knits or have your projects looking a little more polished?
sew 202

Sewing 202

Introduction to fitted waistbands and trouser fly
sew 102

Sewing 102

An introduction to beginner garment sewing.
sew 101

Sewing 101

Our best-selling class. Go from zero to beginner level in just 3 hours!


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We offer a series of courses, workshops, and private lessons to cater to all levels of sewing for both kids and adults


Filled with essential sewing terms and definitions to support your learning process!


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At The House of Sew, we provide accessible sewing education, promote environmental sustainability, and foster inclusivity. Our classes cater to individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels, empowering you to develop your sewing skills and express your creativity.

We prioritize eco-friendly practices, encouraging students to embrace sustainable sewing techniques, repurpose materials, and minimize waste. Inclusivity is at the heart of our studio, where we celebrate diversity, respect individual perspectives, and provide an inclusive space for all.

Our experienced instructors offer personalized guidance, emphasizing individual growth and creativity. Through accessible education, environmental sustainability, and inclusivity, The House of Sew empowers individuals to make a positive impact in Edmonton, AB, and beyond

Build A Wardrobe From Our Collection of Stylish & Versatile Sewing Patterns.