Sew 102

Introduction to Garment Sewing

Want to create and build your dream wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Our Sew 102 class is the class for you! Learn how to read and work from a pattern and sew a complete garment.


No experience in dressmaking is required but you should already:

  • know how to thread a sewing machine
  • know how to wind a bobbin
  • have the ability to sew different seam allowances
  • understand the purpose of back-stitching
  • have made a range of sewn items equivalent to those made in our Sewing 101 course

Skill Level: 2

Cost: $300 +GST

  • Max. 8 students
  • Class Length: 4 x 3 hour sessions or 1 weekend session
  • Prerequisite: Sewing 101 or equivalent

Course Outline

Woven Fabrics

With so many options available, choosing the right fabrics can be tough and overwhelming. This class will prepare you to pick out the perfect fabrics for your upcoming projects. Learn how to identify whether a textile consists of natural or synthetic fibres, the hand, weight, and drape of the fabrics discussed. Take home with you a small selection of fabric swatches and all the terminology discussed in class!

    Patterns & Cutting

    Learn how to properly measure yourself, how to read, cut, and alter the pattern length. We will then show you how to accurately pin the pattern on to the fabric before cutting the pieces.

      The Relax Trousers or Fold Shorts

      Complete your first pair of shorts or woven jogger style trousers by learning how to sew pockets and insert elastic into a casings. Learn how to adjust the length of the legs to fit you!