About Us

Our Commitment

At The House of Sew, our mission is to provide accessible sewing education, promote environmental sustainability, and foster inclusivity within our community. We believe that sewing is not only a valuable skill but also a powerful tool for personal expression and positive change.

We are dedicated to making sewing education accessible to all individuals, regardless of their background, age, or skill level. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse learning needs, offering a range of options such as in-person instruction, private sessions, and workshops. Through these avenues, we empower our students to develop their sewing skills and unlock their creative potential.

Environmental sustainability is a core value at The House of Sew. We actively promote eco-friendly practices within our curriculum, encouraging students to embrace sustainable sewing techniques, repurpose materials, and minimize waste. By incorporating principles of upcycling and conscious consumption, we strive to instill in our students a sense of responsibility towards the environment and a commitment to reducing their ecological footprint.

Inclusivity is the heart of our sewing studio. Fostering a supportive and inclusive community where students can connect, collaborate, and inspire one another is important for us. We celebrate diversity and encourage a culture of respect, where each student’s unique perspective and creativity are valued. We actively seek to provide a space that is accessible and inclusive, removing barriers and ensuring that everyone can participate fully in our sewing programs.

Our experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, offering guidance and personalized attention to each student. We emphasize individual growth and creativity, encouraging students to explore their own style and develop their sewing skills in a way that reflects their unique identity.

Through accessible education, environmental sustainability, and inclusivity, The House of Sew aims to empower individuals in Edmonton, AB, and beyond, equipping them with the tools to create, contribute, and make a positive impact. Join us on this exciting journey as we stitch together a community bound by creativity, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

Our Team

The House of Sew is a studio of collaborative, creative, animal & human-friendly professionals. We are thankful, love nurturing talent, and take celebrating birthdays and special occasions very seriously. Aside from fashion, sewing, and sustainability, some of our shared interests include shrieking over cute things, music, art, and dance parties.