Youth Sew 9+

Introduction to Youth Sew 9+

This open format course is the perfect introduction to sewing for any beginner youths and a great place for advance beginners to continue to grow their skills. They will practice patience, eye & hand coordination while learning the basics of sewing. Check out in our course outline for a sample of some of the creations kids will go home with!


Fabrics for all projects included in the price of workshop.

  • Max. 8 students
  • Location: WEST
  • Class Length: 10 x 1.5 hours
  • Beginner Prerequisite: None
  • Intermediate Prerequisite: 2+ years sewing lessons
  • Cost: $410


    If your child needs a snack, please pack a nut-free snack and water bottle.

    Beginner Project Examples

    Hand Skills

      The first session we will focus on eye-hand coordination with some hand sewing. Students will practice by stitching up a couple cute ornaments.

        Machine Basics

          Kids will learn the basics and safety of operating a sewing machine while learning how to sew a straight line, pivoting, and backstitching.

            Easy 30-minute projects: bookmark, scrunchies, & squishy chickens

              We will combine all the skills practiced in the first & second class by making 1-2 mini projects to ease into machine sewing.


                  Kids will learn about finishing edges and attaching straps by completing an apron.

                    Tote Bag

                      Introduction to straps, hems, and reinforcement stitch through creating a practical tote bag.

                        Zipper Pouch

                          The perfect introduction to making accessories for advanced beginners. Kids will learn about facing, lining, and finish off by learning how to hand sew an invisible stitch.

                            Pyjama Bottoms

                              This project is an easy first step into dressmaking for kids. Skills acquired: how to read a pattern, cutting fabric, and working with an elastic and waistband casing.