Sewing Camp

Welcome to Sewing Camp

Our ever popular kids sew program is now available in camp version! This 5-day long camp is the perfect introduction to sewing for any beginner kids and a great place for mixed beginners to continue to grow their skills. They will practice patience, eye & hand coordination while learning the basics of sewing.

Our dye & sew camp allows students to explore different methods of working with dyes. Shibori, ice dyeing, tie-dye, and marbling are some of the techniques we have played with in past camps. Kids will get a chance to experiment with multiple samples before dyeing their final projects.


Fabrics for all projects included in the price of workshop.

    • West location
    • Max. 8 students
    • Age Range: 9-16
    • Date:
    • Hours: 9am – 12pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm
    • Beginner Prerequisite: None
    • Mixed Beginner & Intermediate Prerequisite: (please check in with us)
    • Cost: $420


Students must bring their own snacks for breaks.

Skill Levels

Complete Beginner: Students who have little to zero experience with hand-sewing and machine sewing.

Mixed Beginner: Students who have foundation and basic machine skills and have sewn at least 5-10 projects supervised, but on their own.

Intermediate: This skill level is proficient with various stitches & techniques, construction, and have worked with sewing patterns. Students at the intermediate level have little issues cutting with fabric shears and can work independently.

Course Outline

Beginner & mixed beginner campers will:

    • Create 3-5 different projects
    • Practice hand and machine sewing
    • Practice patience and learn how to calmly problem solve

      Intermediate campers will:

        • Create 1-3 different projects
        • Learn how to prepare fabric for cutting
        • Learn how to read and work with a pattern
        • Discover new sewing and manipulation techniques

          Dye & Sew campers will:

          • Explore different methods of working with dyes
          • Experiment with multiple samples
          • Cut & Sew 2-3 projects with final dyed fabric(s)