I loooooove shift dresses. They are the most versatile, comfortable, and flattering garment I own. I wear them with tights, leggings, jeans, just about every which way that provides comfort like sweat pants! Don’t let its simplicity fool you, a slight variation in cut and design can improve the silhouette. It is minimalism at its best.

I decided to copy my most favourite go-to shift I own from GAP (it has pockets!). It’s one of those pieces I wear so often that I delay washing it because that means I will have to plan around not being able to wear it. I know how gross this must sound, but if I haven’t spilled anything on it and it doesn’t wreak of b.o, I justify it by reminding myself that it will last longer if I don’t wash it as often!

I love the crew neckline, slightly fitted busted, and A-line for the rest. The simple construction allows flexibility when it comes to the fit. As long as the bust measurement and arm scythe was fairly accurate, I wasn’t too concerned about precise measurements when it came to copying this pattern straight off the garment. I chose a quilted and slightly thicker jersey, and opt for longer sleeves to get me through the colder season.

This also forced me to finally test out my Brother Pacesetter CoverStitch machine I bought back in October. I don’t know why I have always avoided sewing jerseys and stretch fabric and finishing hems with a coverstitch, but let me tell you, I LOVE IT! This is a sewing game changer for me.

materials used: 1.5 metre quilted jersey

navy shift: gap | jeans: bluenotes | boots: timberland