I couldn’t resist. The weather was getting too warm to be wearing my quilted shift. I have been a bit obsessed with chambray the past few months for some reason and figured it was just time to make a new shift dress. However, this was sewn a bit different than the knitted version.

Since the original pattern was drafted for knitted fabrics, this meant I had to account for the neckline being wide enough for my head to fit through without putting in a back zip or adjusting the pattern. The back is cut in two pieces, sewn together with a 5 centimetre opening at the top. I made a bias binding to go around the neckline and added a button fastening for the back closure (sorry, it slipped my mind to get the details of this). My choice of seam finishing will always be a french seam; however, there are slight puckering around the sleeves, possibly due to the french seam technique. I think I may try binding the interior next time to see how everything sits.

I must admit, I may have made this shift a tad bit short. At least it felt that way walking through the Enchanted Forest.

materials used: 1.5 metre chambray

socks: hue | trainers: nike

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