Introduction to Outerwear

You can sew straight and curved seams while keeping a consistent seam allowance. You can thread your own machine, wind a bobbin, and trouble shoot tension issues (with guidance). You have a basic understanding of different fabric types and have several projects under your belt.

At this point, you know how to read and work with a pattern, cut fabric with care, and may perhaps have worked with a few different weights of fabrics.

Skill Level: 3

Cost: $300 + GST

  • Max. 6 students
  • Location: WEST
  • Class Length: 4 x 3 hour sessions or 1 weekend session
  • Prerequisite: Sewing 202, 203, or equivalent

Course Outline

So many different types of finishing but which one to chose?! Learn how to professionally bind the interior of jackets and coats without adding a lining.

Learn how to properly measure yourself, how to read, cut, and alter the pattern length. We will then show you how to accurately pin the pattern on to the fabric before cutting the pieces.

Sleeves can be super tricky especially clean and properly fitting sleeves. We will show you the perfect way to attach a set-in sleeve smoothly without puckers!

What is included?

  • Fabrics for your reference books
  • Sewing Pattern (*subject to change)
  • Sewing guides

Supply List

  • 250m spool of black or white polyester thread (Gutterman or Coats)
  • Dressmaking Pins (Glass, Pearl, or Plastic head)
  • Dressmaking Shears (You will need this in class 2, 3 & 4)
  • Fabrics & notions for garment projects (This will be discussed in class 1 or a list will be sent to you)

Upcoming Dates