Kids Sewing 9+

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This short course is the perfect introduction to sewing for any beginner kids. They will practice patience, eye & hand coordination while learning the basics of sewing. Below is a sample of some of the creations kids will go home with!


Hand Skills

The first session we will focus on eye-hand coordination with some hand sewing. Students will practice by stitching up a couple cute ornaments.

Machine Basics

Kids will learn the basics and safety of operating a sewing machine while learning how to sew a straight line, pivoting, and backstitching.

Monsters & Kitties 

We will combine all the skills practiced in the first & second class by making a cute cushion cover complete with cushion pad, spread over two classes.


Kids will learn about finishing edges and attaching straps by completing an apron.


Teddy Bear

We will focus on the finer details of the teddy bear by doing some hand embroidery before putting together all the pieces in the second session.

Bunnies & Polar Bears

Spread over two classes, kids will pick from one of four designs and create a super adorable tote bag. Both hand and machine skills will be practiced.

DIY T-Shirt

Let’s get colourful! Kids will design their very own graphic that will be transferred onto a t-shirt with the help of an instructor


Fabrics for all projects included in the price of workshop.




Max. 8 students

Class Length: 8 x 2 hours 

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $370+ gst



Please pack your child a nut-free snack and water bottle.